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Trees are a source of energy and give us support: their roots reach deep into the earth and their tops dance in the sky - they give us joy and strength at the same time. Trees are symbols of hope for a happy future and healthy growth.

The deep energy of the tree can have a positive effect on the human existence. Get your own personal companion in life in the form of a Julie Julsen jewellery piece. This will give you strength in all situations in life - not to mention being a means of decoration!

CUBE - Admire the treasures of life

The collection includes bracelets and colliers made of delicate sterling silver or textile decorated with engraved cubes with loving quotes.

Select your favourite quote from five versions and admire it in four different languages.


Immerse yourself in a world full of colors and zest for life

Delicate figaro- and anchor chains made of 925 sterling silver rhodium-plated or yellow- or rosé plated unified with colorful ribbons, to conjure summer and enjoyment of life on the wrist. There are no limits to your creativity. Stand up with your very own interpretation of mix & match and feel how you put the everyday life behind you.


Jewellery of importance accompanies us as brilliant jewels, which gift us a strong self-assurance and sensational physical feeling. Bound to the fascination of high-class materials, pieces of jewellery are a symbol of appreciation and beauty and underline your personal individuality day by day.

Protected in high-end frames, enameled stones shine in the colors of nature and harmony. Get your own personal companion in life in the form of a Julie Julsen jewellery piece.


With Julie Julsen Amore everything revolves around the most beautiful thing in the world. Just like two lovers these pieces of jewellery join to a whole, romantically playful and fondly refined with details made of mother-of-pearl and zirconia.

Romantic hearts with silver, gold-plated and roségold-plated combinations, give a warm feeling of happiness. Whereas cool elegance comes upon pure dedication with brilliant sterling silver ensembles.


Delicate elegance in combination with trendy motifs and sparkling zirconia! The collection includes filigree bangles and rings, as well as delicate earrings with fabulous details.

Enthusiasts can choose from a variety of rose gold plated or original sterling silver and a variety of trendy designs. All applications have been lovingly crafted - from curved hearts to sparkling stars or charming butterflies.